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Catherine F. Wagner 

Do you want to feel better, look attractive and live longer? Follow. As the Health Board says, it’s not just exciting. But this is often ignored.

As a species, hiking is what we do best. In fact, it is likely that their ancestors came from Africa, where they ended up and settled.1 standardized thirty-minute-a-day exercise guidelines are based on the enormous benefits walking can bring to your health, but no one seems to be doing it.18 for the average person, the basic body activity regimen, walking movements are often avoided in favor of more intense forms of movement. However, the positive effects of walking on health are numerous and wide-ranging.

This is the second of my articles that explains in detail why the great pyramid of inverted movements can be your unique foundation for staying healthy throughout life. In this article, I’ll explain why you should walk more now that you’re sitting less.

Soothe the Fire

Modern life does not seem to be oriented towards optimal health. The combination of everyday life, the foods we eat and our need to stay in one place all day to work has been linked to an increase in inflammatory processes and, consequently, an increased incidence of cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart health problems and obesity.5-8 unfortunately, not all of us can change jobs and live in the countryside. Instead of resorting to antioxidant pills and medications that can nullify some of your good work, the best step is to move more, increasing your walking to eliminate some of these problems.9,10

“Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, also increases your ability to cope with oxidative damage.This makes it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.”
When we move our muscles, signaling molecules (often called myokines) are released. Although many of these myokines may also be associated with an inflammatory response, when stimulated with exercise, they actually reduce inflammation.11 this is one of the main reasons why regular walking can significantly reduce the risk of metabolic disorders, certain cancers and even erectile dysfunction.13-17 aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, also increases your ability to cope with oxidative damage.12 this makes exercise anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. And all this without a single pill in sight.

The losers will

While many people still rely on calories as a guide to weight loss, there’s not as much evidence to support this idea as we think. Not all calories are created equal, and simply causing a calorie deficit through independent exercise will not lead to long-term weight loss.2.3 don’t be afraid. The advantage of this complex equation is that some activities that do not “burn” many calories can still help with weight management (if you are interested in this kind of thing). Instead of worrying about starving yourself, you can achieve significant fat loss by spending less time sitting and playing more.4 it is not necessary to go to the gym or watch the weight.

* Other fasting programs with minimal scientific support are also available.

Every little help

As I mentioned, it’s not enough to do self-destructive exercise on a treadmill to offset the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle on your life expectancy. This means that exercise should be an integral part of your day, and the best way to do this is to keep going. For most of us, this can start with going to work.19 Do you use public transport? Leave one or two stops early. Everyone to work? Enjoy the park, ride a horse and walk for the last ten to twenty minutes. Are you worried about being after for work? Ideal: The fast pace comes with even greater benefits.20

To develop this, there are a number of other ways to enrich your day with walks:

Break it down: Take a walk with a partner when answering a call at work or go out with a partner for a few minutes between classes. The accumulation of time on the road in stretches of only two or three minutes is enough to improve metabolism.21,22
Lunch with friends: Even the shortest lunch is enough to do something on foot. And why not take your employees to a quieter and more productive workplace?24,25
Take breaks between meals – Dinner is another great opportunity to walk. While dinner is in the oven, do a little trick. It is best to walk after eating.22.26 your profile on the dating site indicates that you like long romantic walks at sunset, but when was the last time you took them?
More importantly, all these walks add up. A few ten-minute walks can be even better than a long one.23.29 that means ten minutes of work, ten minutes for lunch and ten minutes after dinner is a wonderful start.

Professional Advice

If you’re the kind of person who needs a clear plan before going on foot, you might have two more questions: where should I go and how fast should I go?

Get out: Most studies examining the health effects of walking use a treadmill in a sports science lab or give people pedometers to track their steps without paying much attention to where they are going. You can go almost anywhere to see most of the health improvements. However, studies have shown a greater psychological benefit of walking outdoors in green spaces compared to staying indoors or in the city.30 the most important thing is that you can probably get the most out of finding the place that you like the most, whether it’s a beach, a river, a forest or a park.31
The adelantado died: I know what you were thinking all the time. How fast do you have to move to get into the lawnmower? Fortunately, science has the answer, and that seems to be three miles per hour.27 other studies show that eighty percent of walking speed is the most efficient and steady pace.28 if you want to evaluate these speeds, try one of the following methods:
Use an online map or a pedometer to measure the distance of half a mile nearby. The goal is to finish it in ten minutes (three miles per hour).
Find a short distance that you can run as fast as possible in twenty seconds. At a speed of 80% of the maximum, walk the same distance in 25 seconds.
Remember that the main thing is to move and form habits, not to reach a certain speed. Take the time to walk and enjoy. As we all know, faster is not always better.


Did you make it to the end? Here’s what you need to know:

Sit less, Move more
Take at least thirty minutes a day
Aim for eighty percent of your maximum walking speed or at least three miles per hour. Otherwise, act as if you are going to work.
For maximum benefit, find your favorite outdoor spot and take some friends with you.
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