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Know About Tactical Athletes Need to Lift to Pass Selection

Catherine F. Wagner 

Training camps are an attempt to reproduce the requirements of military training. They are accessible to everyone and for everyone. But what does it really take to be part of the British army (or the army of a country)? Does a training camp meet the requirements of a potential recruit and does this training prepare a person for the military lifestyle?

The answer is no. There is a key not-found element, not only training camps, but also a variety of training methods used by people who want to pursue a military career. But before we get to what it is, let’s take a look at the level of body fitness required to join the army.

The Three selection elements

Although running is an integral part of the selection to join the army, it is by no means the only training method. Potential recruits undergo a rigorous interview and selection process. There are three key elements of the initial fitness test:

The static elevator. The static lift simulates the installation of equipment in the back of a vehicle at a height of 1.45 m. An energy bag is used to imitate equipment with a take-off weight of 15 kg. It can then progress in increments from 5 kg to 40 kg when the test is completed.

The Boat Is Loading. This test will determine the strength of your arms and shoulders. It is also an adhesion test. It is necessary to transport two boats weighing 20 kg each at a distance of 150 meters. With your arms at your sides and a bowl in each hand, you should complete this class in less than two minutes. You must keep a pace of at least 5.4 km / h and mark the distance in meters over which you can carry the WEIGHTS while maintaining the minimum pace.

The Best Effort Race of 2.4 km. The operating times are very different, depending on which branch of the army you want to join. The time markers range from 09:40 for units such as the parachute regiment to 14:30 for junior entry.

Most people have no problem with the first two items. Where it breaks is the race with the best effort of 2.4 km. Secondly, being completely naked in front of a stranger (this is becoming strangely normal for the military over the years), the selection element is one of the most difficult processes of the two-day interview.

“The reason for the failure is that the potential recruits simply did not interrupt him. They have been overcome mentally by pressure or bodily by exhaustion or health problems.”

I’ve heard all kinds of excuses, from “I have a cold” to “They couldn’t get me a sock” (seriously, it happened). But don’t cover it with sugar. The reason for the failure is that the potential recruits simply did not interrupt him. They have been overcome mentally by pressure or bodily by exhaustion or health problems.

The required times are not particularly difficult. They hardly represent a form of specificity for an action environment. This test allows the military to establish a fair gender standard that can be easily replicated. It also allows us, as a body coach, to see who really wants it. After all, this is a job interview.

Why you need to lift

If you are planning a career as a tactical athlete (and these men and women are actually full-fledged athletes), you need to lift WEIGHTS. The modest stress fracture is the most common pathology in young men and women in training. Stress fractures are small fractures of the tibia. They are painful and a possible professional breakup.


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Catherine F. Wagner 

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